Visiting Student

Who Is a visiting student?

Students who are currently admitted at another college or university and are not interested in a degree, diploma or certificate at Normandale Community College, may choose to enroll at Normandale Community College as a visiting student. Visiting students should not submit an application for admission.

Registration for visiting students is ongoing. 

  1. Please take time to review the Visiting Student requirements:

    1. Visiting student status is not available to individuals currently on suspension or having a financial hold at another post-secondary institution.

    2. Visiting students may use financial aid from their home institution (financial aid is not available through Normandale).

    3. The maximum number of enrolled credits at all Minnesota State system colleges and universities cannot exceed 22 in any semester.

    4. Visiting students must meet any required course prerequisites or placement levels.  Prerequisites are displayed in eServices and the College catalog.  It is the student's responsibility to know the course prerequisites and to enroll in only those courses for which prerequisites have been met.  The College reserves the right to remove a student from a course without a refund if it is determined the prerequisite has not been met.  Click here for a link to the Prerequisite Verification Form to provide transcripts to show completion of a prerequisite or waiver of placement testing based on previous college course work.  Click here for information regarding waiver of placement testing from previous score reports (ACT, SAT, MCA) or to schedule placement testing.

    5. Visiting students may need a registration override to enroll in developmental courses.

    6. Visiting students are not required to attend Advising and Registration session.

    7. Visiting students cannot be on a wait list for a class with full enrollment.

    8. Visiting students are responsible to verify how the Normandale course(s) transfer to current or future colleges or universities before enrolling.  Course transfer is determined by the receiving institution. 
  2. If you are already affiliated with another Minnesota State institution, it is not necessary to create another Minnesota State account to register as a visiting student with Normandale .  Here are instructions on how to register as a visiting student from another Minnesota State institution.

  3. If you are not affiliated with another Minnesota State institution, you will need to print the instructions and click to Create a Minnesota State StarID Account to register for any public courses at Normandale.

  4. Review and complete the final steps for enrollment included in the Visiting Student Checklist.