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Public Health

Are you interested in preventing diseases and epidemics? Want to be a part of creating healthy communities and ensuring access to quality health care? You may enjoy pursuing an associate degree in public health at Normandale. 

Our public health and liberal arts core courses and electives will help prepare you for continued study at a four-year college or university to pursue your BS or BAS degree. 

This public health program serves as a launchpad to various health care-related and public health educational opportunities and careers. 

What Can you do with a Public Health Degree?

With an associate degree in public health, you’ll have a lot of options for your career path. Students enrolled in the associate degree in public health acquire all the skills and knowledge needed to provide a smooth transition into health-related workplaces such as:  

  • Local health departments 
  • Hospitals 
  • Workplace wellness programs 
  • Government agencies 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Research organizations 
  • International development agencies
These organizations promote healthy behaviors, change public policy, prevent diseases or explore long-term health solutions. Public health practitioners are all about being proactive in preventing illness and injuries.

What Makes Our Public Health Program Unique?

Normandale’s public health program is one of a select number of community college programs that offer a comprehensive associate degree in public health that fully prepares you for your final two years at a college or university. 

Our public health courses include:  
• Contemporary health issues 
• Drug use and abuse 
• First responder 
• Health care in the U.S.  
• Principles of nutrition 
• Women’s health 

In public health, you can positively affect the well-being of thousands if not millions of people locally or even globally.

Public Health Program Basics

Health Sciences Faculty

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