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Liberal Education

Start your college career here at Normandale, where you’ll find excellent core liberal arts courses offered at a fraction of the cost of a four-year university.  

For example, here’s the average cost per year in 2021-22 for a Minnesota resident taking 30 credits. This cost includes tuition and fees only for academic year 2021-22, not books or other expenses:

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: $15,368 

Normandale Community College: $6,200 

Here’s great news: You’ll save an estimated $9,000 per year by taking your required Liberal Arts courses at Normandale.   

When you graduate with an associate degree in Liberal Arts, you’ll be ready to start your junior year at the seven Minnesota State universities, or at the University of Minnesota where you can pursue your bachelor’s degree. 

Where Will an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts Take You?

With an associate degree in Liberal Arts from Normandale, you’ll be well prepared to seamlessly continue your college education at a four-year Minnesota State university, at the University of Minnesota, at many metro area private universities, and several regional universities in neighboring states.  

Earn a Liberal Arts aa degree and then pursue many different fields of study - everything from biology to art to psychology to journalism, and more. These are all categorized as Liberal Arts degrees, and there are many others.   

Graduates have the flexibility to pursue careers in many industries, and they have adaptable skills that employers are looking for.

What Makes Our Liberal Arts AA Degree Program Unique?

Normandale is one of a select number of community colleges that offers a comprehensive Liberal Arts degree whose credits seamlessly transfer using the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC). The general education Liberal Arts courses and additional elective courses (including Health and Exercise Science) make up 60 college credits.  

What is Valuable about Liberal Arts Courses?

Liberal arts colleges in Minnesota are committed to developing your critical thinking and analytical skills and exposing you to a range of perspectives and interests. You’ll learn how to 
• Grapple with new ideas and practice new skills 
• Communicate effectively through writing, speaking and listening 
• Take responsibility in and out of school 
• Be an informed citizen and contribute to society 
• Engage with people who are quite different from you 

Liberal arts colleges in Minnesota provide eye-opening, intellectually challenging classes that generate curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm. You will be well prepared for an amazing variety of careers, and we think it’s smart to start your college career at Normandale. 

Associate Degree in Liberal Education Program Basics

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