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Individualized Studies

Start your college career here at Normandale, where you’ll find excellent core liberal arts courses offered at a fraction of the cost of a four-year university.   

The Individualized Studies degree program is great if you have well-defined career goals and wish to build your own program of study. In earning an associate degree, you’ll have the opportunity to develop competencies in fields unavailable through existing degree programs.   

You’ll create an academic plan by combining complementary coursework from existing disciplines along with core Minnesota Transfer Curriculum requirements.  

When you graduate with an associate degree in Individualized Studies, you’ll be ready to start your junior year at a select group of regional universities where you can pursue your bachelor’s degree.

Where Will an Individualized Studies Degree from Normandale Take You?

With an associate degree in Individualized Studies from Normandale, you’ll be well prepared to seamlessly continue your college education at a four-year Minnesota State university, at the University of Minnesota and several regional universities in neighboring states.  

Earn this associate degree and then pursue the field of study you choose. 

Graduates have the flexibility to pursue careers in many industries, and they have adaptable skills that employers are looking for. 

What Makes Our Individualized Studies Program Unique?

The program requires submission of a written degree plan initiated by the student with assistance from the dean of an appropriate division, or an academic counselor/faculty member.   

Students use a plan template to guide the degree planning process that they submit to the relevant academic dean’s office. The approval of an industry representative must also be obtained when the degree plan applies to a specific career field. The plan must also demonstrate transferability to at least one four-year accredited institution, even when it may not be the intention of the student to transfer immediately upon degree completion.  

Normandale is one of a select number of community colleges that offers a comprehensive, personalized individualized studies degree whose credits seamlessly transfer using the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum. The general education portion and additional elective courses (including Health and Exercise Science) make up 60 college credits.  

Individualized Studies Degree Program Basics

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