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Tourism Operations Management

Are you interested in the business aspects of travel, tourism and hospitality? If so, then a career in tourism operations management could be a great fit.  

The Tourism Operations and Management Certificate is a great accompaniment to the AAS in Hospitality Management, or it can be a stand-alone certificate that can help get your career in tourism going, or give your current career a boost. 

Where Will Your Tourism Operations and Management Take You?

The Tourism Operations and Management Certificate will help you gain the skills needed to assist in promoting an attraction or destination. You’ll also learn how to create a pleasant atmosphere and quality experience for tourists throughout the travel experience. 

Job titles in this field include these among others: 

  • Airline reservation manager  
  • Tourism manager  
  • Amusement/theme park manager  
  • Convention service managers 

Tourism Operations and Management Basics

Hospitality Management Faculty

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