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Sustainable Tourism Management

Are you interested in the business aspects of travel, tourism and hospitality? If so, then a career in Sustainable Tourism Management could be a great fit. Imagine working in places all over the world or creating great experiences for tourists who visit Minnesota or the U.S. 

The Sustainable Tourism Management Certificate is a great accompaniment to the associate degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. After earning that degree, you can continue as a junior to earn a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at a Minnesota State university. 

What are Typical Careers in Hospitality and Tourism Management?

Tourism operations management courses can prepare you for some very interesting roles that ensure fun, memorable experiences for thousands of people, such as 

  • Airline reservation manager  
  • Tourism manager  
  • Amusement/theme park manager  
  • Convention services manager

What Classes are Included in the Sustainable Tourism Management Certificate Program?

The hospitality and tourism operations management certificate will help you gain the skills needed to promote an attraction or destination. You’ll learn how to create a successful experience for travelers, too. Your courses include:

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Human Geography
  • Food/beverage Management and Cost Control

Sustainable Tourism Management Basics

Hospitality Management Faculty

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