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Associate Degree in Geography

Have you ever considered how our cold climate and 10,000 lakes shaped the way Minnesotans speak, live, build, work, vote and play with each other today? In your geography classes at Normandale, you will learn how culture and economic and political interactions emerge from the physical environments around us. 

Geography classes are fascinating and practical. You’ll delve into interactions between the atmosphere, water, rocks, ice and human activity and other life. You’ll start to notice patterns of social, economic, and political activity around the globe. And you’ll jump into the world of maps and how to make and use them. 

Pursue your associate degree in geography at Normandale and then easily transfer as a junior to complete a bachelor’s degree in geography at a Minnesota State university. 

What Can you do with a Geography Degree?

Geographers interpret patterns of social, economic, and political activity on Earth, as they seek to understand variations in those human/environment relationships. People who’ve taken geography classes and earned geography degrees can seek careers as varied as these: 

  • Urban planners
  • Environmental scientists
  • Climatologists
  • Cartographers
  • Park rangers
  • Transportation managers

What Makes our Geography Degree Program Unique?

Normandale’s geography and geology department is the largest in any of Minnesota’s two-year colleges. Because of this, we’re able to offer a comprehensive set of introductory courses in both geography and geology. 

You’ll enjoy small class sizes and personalized attention from experienced faculty in a program that’s affordable — and serves as an excellent first step towards your bachelor’s degree.   

Finally, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of social, economic, political and environmental relationships throughout the world. Through thoughtful analysis, you’ll grasp “the how and why” variations occur. 

Geography Degree Program Basics

Pursue your associate degree in geography and then seamlessly transfer to a four-year Minnesota State university. 

Geography Faculty

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