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Computer Science

Calling all future computer engineers, software programmers, system analysts, IT professionals and more. Get started with a solid foundation and earn an associate degree in computer science at Normandale. 

Through our introductory computer science program courses, you’ll acquire knowledge and skills in programming, problem-solving and logical thinking.  From there, you’ll build your computer science toolkit in classes like Java programming, machine architecture, algorithms and data structures, and more.  

In Normandale’s computer science program, you will pay far less for foundational courses than at a four-year university. The associate degree in computer science you earn will seamlessly transfer to a Minnesota State university where you’ll start as a junior and finish your bachelor’s degree in computer science. 

What can you do with an Associate Degree in Computer Science?

Computer science is a growing, high-paying field with numerous jobs available in the Twin Cities area and throughout the country.  From software development to machine learning, and web development to computer engineering, there are a lot of opportunities in this field.   
Computer science graduates are working in careers such as: 

  • Software Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Systems analyst 
  • Web developer 
  • IT project manager

Community colleges for computer science help you develop your critical thinking, real-world knowledge and creative problem-solving skills which are in high demand among employers.

Normandale's Computer Science Program is Unique

Normandale is one of the best community colleges for computer science. Our program is versatile and the classes are small, so you get personalized attention as needed.  Our affordable courses, many of which are offered online, include: 
• Introduction to computers and problem-solving 
• Introduction to C/C++ 
• Structure of computer programming 1 and 2 
• Introduction to Java programming 
• Machine architecture and organization, and many more. 

When you complete your associate degree in computer science, you can easily transfer the credits to Minnesota State schools or jump into the job market right away. 

You can be confident you’ll get one of the best, well-rounded, foundational educations in computer science available among community colleges for computer science as well as private and public universities.

Normandale computer science student Abdirahman Abdi discusses his experience with the computer science program.

"The Computer Science program here is very versatile, especially compared to other community colleges. There’s a lot of variety, and it definitely teaches you what you need to know to transfer to a university.”

Abdirahman Abdi, Normandale computer science student

Associate Degree in Computer Science Program Basics

Normandale computer science student Daria Surkova describes what led her to pursue an associate degree in computer science

What I like about computer science is that everything is organized but I can be creative to solve problems.

Daria Surkova, class of ‘23 , Normandale computer science student

Computer Science Faculty

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