Menu Items

The section menu labels are determined by the editable PAGE TITLE field at the top of the CMS editor box labeled Title [REQUIRED].

The breadcrumb listing is determined by the PAGE NAME field at the very top of the Edit Form in the CMS, in the box labeled "Page Properties." Generally-speaking, you can make that name slightly longer than the PAGE TITLE since there is more horizontal real estate in the breadcrumb menu.

However, brevity is always the best strategy for menu items when it comes to menu labels.

The main objective is to keep any label from word-wrapping to another line. The reason for that is it makes it more difficult for users to read it, and there is a lot of instantaneous snap decision-making going on when your average visitor is browsing a website. Most visitors subconsciously IGNORE a two-line menu item.

Menu Order

One thing that has been absolutely determined in modern web design is that longer menus need to be alpha-ordered to greatly improve a user's ability to find the content they are looking for.

Without the alpha-ordering, many users will stare at menus and never see the menu item they are looking for. We've all been there.

Best practice is to alpha-order menus.


The Why Normandale page is a good example of shortening menu items and alpha ordering them.