Julie Guelich Math Center

Math Center Location MapThe Julie Guelich Math Center is the main classroom for nearly all classes of pre-College level mathematics, including Pre-Algebra, Introductory Algebra, and Intermediate Algebra.

Located in room C3045, you will find that the Julie Guelich Math Center is a large classroom with dozens of computer workstations and many study tables. It will accommodate most every student schedule since it is open more than 50 hours each week, including most evenings, and is staffed each hour by at least one College Lab Assistant, at least one Mathematics faculty member, and a student tutor.

Each section of a Pre-Algebra, Introductory or Intermediate Algebra class is scheduled for two hours each week here for students to work on mathematics topics independently or in groups, and with the tutors, lab assistants, and instructors.

A portion of your time will be spent using an on-line learning system called ALEKS (Assessment and Learning through Knowledge Systems) which allows you to work through needed mathematics topics in a personalized, student and instructor-directed manner. Students also meet once a week with their instructor in a regular classroom for problem solving sessions and other learning activities.

You can also study in the Julie Guelich Math Center at hours other than scheduled class time, making use of the tutors, lab assistants, and instructors, and are encouraged to use ALEKS outside of scheduled class time as well.

Practice Exams

To view our practice exams visit the Math Tools page

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Dean / Division

Dean: Cary Komoto, Dean of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education
Dean's Assistant: Joan Fosnow

Visit the Mathematics Division/Dean page for contact information.

Department Chair

Mark Ahrens, Faculty

Lab Assistants

Mary Jo Graham, CLA

Kyle Hanneman, CLA


Math Students
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