Normandale Community College

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Campus Closed on Monday, January 21 in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Campus Closed on Monday, January 21 in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Holiday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, No Classes


Name Phone Email Room Title
Headshot of Katherine Andersen
Katherine Andersen 952-358-8871 Email A 2540 Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Justin Bailey 952-358-8733 Email S 2358 Instructor
Headshot of Kris Carey
Kris Carey 952-358-8798 Email S 2350 Instructor
Headshot of Carrie Dickson
Carrie Dickson 952-358-8975 Email S 2349 Instructor
Katie Eckman 952-358-9467 Email S 2358 Instructor
Headshot of Karen Ford
Karen Ford 952-358-8789 Email S 2351 Instructor
Headshot of Laurie Frahm
Laurie Frahm 952-358-8635 Email S 2304 Instructor
Dorie Fritz 952-358-8588 Email S 2342 Instructor
Jana Gegen 952-358-8858 Email S2335 Instructor
Vane Gichana 952-358-8996 Email S 2334 Instructor
Headshot of Trish Gonzales
Trish Gonzales 952-358-8442 Email S 2307 Instructor
Headshot of Joan Gonzalez
Joan Gonzalez 952-358-8773 Email S 2341 Instructor
Headshot of Jon Moe
Jon Moe 952-358-8755 Email S 2306 Instructor
Jeff Paurus 952-358-8200 Email P 1820 Instructor
Penny Peterson 952-358-9098 Email S 2346 Instructor
Cynthia Popp-Cronin 952-358-8581 Email S 2343 Instructor
Headshot of Mary Renquist
Mary Renquist 952-358-8739 Email S 2316 Instructor
Jeanne Schmidt 952-358-9397 Email S 2341 Nursing Laboratory Assistant
Antoinette Somerville 952-358-8275 Email S 2341 Instructor
Debbie St. Anthony 952-358-9275 Email S 2358 Instructor
Helen Tinucci 952-358-8553 Email S 2335 Instructor
Yisehak Tura 952-358-9185 Email S 2358 Instructor
Alison Watkins Welshinger 952-358-8646 Email S 2358 Instructor
Judith Wattman 952-358-8452 Email S 2314 Instructor
Eileen Weatherby 952-358-9021 Email S 2352 Instructor
Laura Willaert 952-358-8484 Email S 2341 Instructor
Judy Worrell 952-358-8366 Email S 2358 Instructor