Normandale Community College

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Name Phone Email Room Title
Headshot of Katherine Andersen
Katherine Andersen 952-358-8871 Email A 2540 Associate Dean of Health Sciences
Joyce Baughman 952-358-8435 Email S2341 Nursing Lab CLA
Headshot of Kris Carey
Kris Carey 952-358-8798 Email S 2350 Instructor
Headshot of Carrie Dickson
Carrie Dickson 952-358-8975 Email S 2349 Instructor
Katie Eckman 952-358-9467 Email S 2358 Instructor
Headshot of Karen Ford
Karen Ford 952-358-8789 Email S 2351 Instructor
Headshot of Laurie Frahm
Laurie Frahm 952-358-8635 Email S 2304 Instructor
Dorie Fritz 952-358-8588 Email S 2342 Instructor
Jana Gegen 952-358-8858 Email S2335 Instructor
Headshot of Trish Gonzales
Trish Gonzales 952-358-8442 Email S 2307 Instructor
Headshot of Joan Gonzalez
Joan Gonzalez 952-358-8773 Email S 2341 Instructor
Headshot of Maureen McCullough
Maureen McCullough 952-358-8669 Email S 2348 Instructor
Mark McLaughlin 952-358-8320 Email S 2358 Instructor
Headshot of Jon Moe
Jon Moe 952-358-8755 Email S 2306 Instructor
Jeff Paurus 952-358-8200 Email P 1820 Instructor
Penny Peterson 952-358-9098 Email S 2346 Instructor
Cynthia Popp-Cronin 952-358-8581 Email S 2343 Instructor
Headshot of Mary Renquist
Mary Renquist 952-358-8739 Email S 2316 Instructor
Antoinette Somerville 952-358-8275 Email S 2341 Instructor
Debbie St. Anthony 952-358-9275 Email S 2358 Instructor
Elvis Starllone 952-358-8200 Email NULL NULL
Helen Tinucci 952-358-8553 Email S 2335 Instructor
Yisehak Tura 952-358-9185 Email S 2358 Instructor
Alison Watkins Welshinger 952-358-8646 Email S 2358 Instructor
Judith Wattman 952-358-8452 Email S 2314 Instructor
Eileen Weatherby 952-358-9021 Email S 2352 Instructor
Laura Willaert 952-358-8484 Email S 2341 Instructor