Considering College?

Considering College? Think Normandale.

Why go to college? 

With a college education, you have more choices and opportunities.

Most college graduates earn more than those who stop their education at high school graduation. Any education you receive after high school will improve your earning power and your employment opportunities.

College is learning for earning!

The more you learn the more you can earn. 

Level of Education Completed | Unemployment Rate in 2010 | Average earnings in 2010

  • Less than a high school diploma | 14.9% | $28,184
  • Some college, no degree | 10.3% | $39.988
  • Occupational program (career school) | 7.0% | $46,332
  • Associate degree (academic program) | 7.0% | $49,764
  • Bachelor's degree | 5.4% | $72,020

Your choice of career and other factors, such as where you live, can influence your actual income level.

However, a college degree can increase how much money you can make in your lifetime.  

Studies show that someone who spends two years in college earns $250,000 more during their working years than someone who doesn't go to college.  

Also, the better paying jobs require education beyond high school.  Jobs requiring a high school diploma will experience the slowest growth over the 2010–20 timeframe.*

*Source: Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Current Population Survey, unpublished tables, 2011.

College graduates typically - 

  • Make more money,
  • Have better job opportuities,
  • Have better access to health care,
  • Are more involved in their community,
  • Enjoy more leisure activities,
  • Provide a better quality of life for their children,

than those who don't have a degree.