Vacuum & Thin Film Technology

Normandale is currently the only associates of applied science program in Vacuum and Thin Film Technology in the nation (the University of Minnesota offers some graduate work in this area and there is specialized work in these areas through companies in the industry). This is largely shaped by the industry in the region. In fact, the Vacuum and Thin Film Technology program works with local companies that use this technology to put together a curriculum that emphasizes the relevant skills to excel in the field.  Watch this video to get more information about the Vacuum and Thin Film Technology field and program.

The program received a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (NSF-ATE) project grant offered through the NSF's Division of Undergraduate Education (DUE). The project work made possible installation of telepresence technology in a classroom for the purpose of joining students in two or more separate physical locations as part of one classroom, which includes three high definition video monitors and high quality audio allowing the classrooms to interact seamlessly with each other.  

With the classroom technology, the unique specialized courses, and local, regional and national demand for the skills taught in these courses, our Vacuum and Thin Film Technology Program provides many exciting opportunities for prospective students interested in the field.