Third Party Billings & Scholarships


All authorizations for third-party billings for each semester must be received by the Payments & Billing Office by the tuition deadline, or 48 hours after registering if the date is after the tuition deadline. Students receiving outside scholarships (scholarships that are not in conjunction with the Institutional Advancement/Foundation Office) must have a letter from the scholarship grantor or a purchase order turned in to the Payments & Billing Office by May 8, 2020, for Summer Semester 2020. Students may be dropped for nonpayment if we do not receive an authorization and your account is not paid in full.

Do not rely on the college to drop you from your classes if you do not plan on attending. If you decide not to attend, be sure that you drop by the designated drop dates or you may be financially and academically responsible for those classes.

Revoked or unpaid authorizations

Third party students are encouraged to keep in contact with their third party authorizer to assure the college is reimbursed in full. Students whose third party authorization is not paid in full, or revoked, will become financially responsible for the amount not paid.

Book Charging

View the book charging web page for more information