Residency for Tuition Purposes

Students who attend Normandale are categorized Minnesota residents or non-residents of Minnesota according to Minnesota State policy. A student's residency status will determine whether certain grants are available (if the student meets other eligibility requirements). The tuition rate for Minnesota residents and non-residents is the same at Normandale.

To be considered a Minnesota resident, the student must demonstrate permanent Minnesota residency, and at least one of the following must be true:

  • The student established a domicile in Minnesota at least one calendar year prior to the date of application. Domicile is defined as a person's true, fixed and permanent living space, established for purposes beyond that of attending college.
  • The student has been working in Minnesota prior to the date of college application.
  • The student is the dependent of a parent or legal guardian who has an established domicile in Minnesota at the time the student applies.
  • The student is the spouse of a Minnesota resident.
  • The student is or is a dependent of a migrant farm worker.
  • The student was previously a resident of Minnesota who, during a temporary absence from the state, did not establish residency elsewhere.
  • The student is or is a dependent of military personnel who have been ordered to relocate to Minnesota.
  • The student is recognized as a refugee by the Office of Refugee Resettlement of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Students who believe they should be considered a Minnesota resident for tuition purposes can submit a Petition for In-State Tuition.