Returned Payments


Fee Assessment.

1.      The College will assess a $30 fee for all payments that are returned due to insufficient funds or due to incorrect information being entered for online payments. Fee amounts can be found on the Normandale website. As a courtesy, the College will re-submit a returned check once if funds were initially insufficient.  Online payments will not be reprocessed or resubmitted.

2.      Most banks charge an insufficient funds fee ranging from $20.00 to $35.00 each time a check is deposited and returned for insufficient funds. This fee is in addition to the Returned Payment/Insufficient Fund fee assessed by the College.




1.      When a payment is returned, the payor will be placed on hold, preventing them from obtaining transcripts and registering for classes both at Normandale and any other college or university within the Minnesota State system.

2.      The College reserves the right to not accept checks from individuals who have written two or more checks returned due to insufficient funds across the Minnesota State system.

3.      All debt due to returned payments shall be paid back with secure funds. Methods of secure payment include:

a.      Cash

b.      Cashier’s check

c.      Certified funds

d.      Money order

4.      Accounts that remain unpaid will be referred to the Minnesota Department of Revenue, or another collection agency, for repayment of the debt. Collection costs will be assessed once referred and can be assessed up to 25% of the debt owed. This is allowable under Minnesota statue, section 16D.07 and 16D.11. Private collection agencies may charge up to 40% of the debt owed.