Who is eligible?

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program is designed to offer high school students with demonstrated academic achievement the opportunity to take college level courses while attending high school. The PSEO program allows high school students to earn college credits and, with the high school's permission, to use those credits toward the completion of their high school graduation requirements. Under the PSEO program, students attend Normandale free of charge. Tuition, fees and required textbook costs are paid by the Minnesota Department of Education.

High school seniors must rank in the top one-half of their class. High school juniors must rank in the top one-third of their class. Equivalent ACT, PLAN, SAT, or PSAT scores may also be considered. Students must also place in college level reading on the Normandale course readiness assessment.

Information on the application process for this program at Normandale can be obtained by clicking on PSEO-Normandale or contact the Office of Admissions (952) 358-8208.

Post secondary enrollment option form

PSEO students must turn in a PSEO authorization form each semester to be enrolled in the PSEO program. The form must be signed by an official from the student's home school district and turned in to the Registration & Records Office (C1083) prior to the start of the semester. Books can not be picked up or charged if we have not received this form.

The PSEO program is not available during Summer Session. These students may register for summer classes; however, the students are responsible for paying the tuition and fees.

What is covered?

PSEO covers tuition and required books and consumable supplies for college level courses (level 1000 and higher). Students are not allowed to take developmental courses (courses under level 1000) or courses with supplemental fees of $85 or more.


PSEO students will not be sent invoices. You must view your account online. Tuition and fees will remain on the student's account until 20 days after the semester begins. Please notify the Payments & Billing Office if you notice any charges on your account after the 20th day of the semester.

Book purchasing dates

Click here to view Book Charging Guidelines and Dates.

Purchasing required supplies off-campus

PSEO students who must purchase required clay or art supplies off campus must keep their original receipts and turn them into the Payments & Billing Office for reimbursement. 

Your reimbursement check will be sent within two weeks.