Past Due Accounts

Accounts that are not paid in full by the due date will be referred for collections to a collection agency. Once the debt is referred collections, collection costs will be added to your account. Collection costs can be assessed up to 25% of the debt owed. This is allowable under Minnesota Statute, section 16D.07 and 16D.11. Private collection agencies may charge up to 40% of the debt owed.

Collection agencies are authorized by Minnesota law to take the following actions to collect your debt

  • File a lien against you
  • Obtain a judgment against you
  • Garnish your wages
  • Levy your bank account
  • Issue subpoenas
  • Seize your property
  • Offset your state tax refund, lottery winnings, or eligible federal or state payments
  • Revoke or deny renewal of a business license you may have
  • Report you to a credit bureau
  • Access of non-public government data on you to collect this debt
  • Refer your debt to a private collection agency

You can avoid having this debt referred to collections and the collection costs being added by making prompt, full payment to the address listed below. Be sure to include your Debt ID, when provided to you, with your payment. If you meet requirements outlined in Minnesota Statute section 16.11, subdivision 3, you may qualify to have collection costs cancelled.

You have the right to contest the validity of our claim. To contest the validity of our claim you must submit a written request to the address below within 20 days from the date of the mailing of our letter. If you repay the amount due, we will stop the collection proceedings. Please make checks payable to Normandale Community College and remit to the address listed below. If you have any questions about your debt you should stop by the Payments & Billing Office, or leave a voice mail at (952) 358-8242. Click here to go to our home page to see our office hours, or click here to see our office location.

Mailing address

Normandale Community College
Fiscal Services 
Payments & Billing Office
9700 France Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55431-4399