Faculty and Friends Talent Show

The Normandale 50th Anniversary Jubilee Faculty & Friends Talent Show will be a local extravaganza and display some of the best talent available in our community! The last such Talent Show took place at Normandale 25 years ago! It's time for the big one!


Dave Lake and Al-hahira (Middle Eastern Dance Theater) 

Anna Meek (Aria)

Maddison Spall (Modern Alt songs)

Yeng Miller Cheng (Piano)

Dan Darling (Comedy)

Aimee DuBois (Storytelling, Norwegian tale)

Kazoo Band

Jacquelyn Miller (vocal)

Gaio Lakin (Guitar)

Dan Norgard (Acrobats)

Willie Johnson (Vocal)

Chad Kuyper (Piano)

Jennifer Isaac (Storytelling)

Sharon Harvey and Karen Anderson (Sing-a-long)

Thomas Stonehouse (Bagpipes)