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Learning Communities

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What is a Learning Community?

A Learning Community at Normandale consists of two or more classes linked together that focus on common themes and connected learning activities.

We offer a few different learning community options that all share the common goals of:

  • Helping students feel more connected with their peers and instructors, as well as the broader Normandale community 
  • Supporting students in achieving their academic and career goals.

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Learning Community Options

Developmental Learning Communities: 
These learning communities link two or more developmental courses, such as developmental Reading (READ 08600 and English (ENGC 0800) courses.

Paired Developmental and College-Level Learning Communities:  
These learning communities pair a course like Reading and Study Skills (READ 0960) with Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 1110). While students earn credit for both courses, they have an opportunity to use the reading and study skills they are developing to their Psychology course.

College-Level Learning Communities:  
These learning communities provide students with an opportunity to integrate course concepts across two or more disciplines. All the courses in these learning communities are college-level. College-level learning communities include courses that satisfy one or more of the following:

  • Meet MnTC transfer goals
  • Involve extensive overlap of course concepts/topical areas
  • Involve experiential learning activities

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Benefits of enrolling in a learning community

  • Developmental Learning Communities
    • Earn College Level Credit: Earn credits while also enrolling in a developmental reading (READ 0960) or English class during the same semester.
    • Small Class Sizes: The Learning Communities are limited to 25 students, which allows for opportunities for more individualized learning experiences and building relationships with peers and faculty.
  • All Learning Communities
    • Consistent Student Enrollment in Learning Community Classes: Students work with the same small group of students across the Learning Community classes. Students frequently report that this type of learning environment promotes a stronger sense of connection to the college and their classmates.  

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For more information:

You can also contact Advising & Counseling through our special email address:

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