Normandale Community College Foundation

The Application for 2020-2021 Scholarships is now available. Click HERE to apply!

Scholarship Information

Normandale Community College Foundation provides scholarship awards each year to new and current/returning Normandale students. Annual scholarship awards generally range in value from $500 to $3,000 and are available for full-time and part-time students. Awards are usually divided equally between each semester.

For assistance on the essay portion of the application, please watch this VIDEO featuring Normandale English Professor Eric Wardell.

Scholarships:  Applications for 2020-2021 Open January 1st

Questions?  If you have any questions about how to apply for a scholarship please contact the Foundation office at 952-358-8147 or email us at

List Of Scholarships

Scholarships for Which You Will be Considered Upon Completing the General Scholarship Application Form

  • Adkins Family Scholarship
  • Aftab Hasnain Endowed Scholarship
  • Alice Seagren Scholarship
  • Biology Deparment Endowed Scholarship
  • Chorzempa Family Scholarship
  • Dental Hygiene Faculty & Alumni Scholarship
  • The John E. Desmond and Jane C. Desmond Foundation Success Through Perserverance Scholarship
  • Donald and Ramona Johnstone Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr J. Premanand Endowment Scholarhip
  • Earl Joseph Endowment Scholarship
  • Elisabeth Rosenberg Endowed Scholarship
  • Ernie and Jeanne Lindstrom Scholarship
  • Jan Carmen Liles Memorial Scholarship
  • Jason Horak Memorial Scholarship
  • Jodsaas Math and Science Scholarship
  • Joe Opatz and Pamela Steckman Endowed Scholarship
  • Kevin Downey Memorial Scholarship
  • Mains'l Making A Difference Scholarship
  • Mary Brunkhorst Memorial Scholarship
  • Nadine Bordwell Dental Hygiene Scholarship
  • Nancy Stein Endowed Scholarship
  • NCC Achievement Scholarship
  • NCC Presidential Scholarship
  • NCC Returning Adult Scholarship
  • Normandale Retiree Scholarship
  • Nursing Alumni Scholarship
  • Nursing Faculty Scholarship
  • Olson-Dunne Scholarship
  • Peggy Kelly Memorial Scholarship
  • RBCU (Richfield Bloomington Credit Union) Scholarship
  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Scholarship
  • Robert Erickson Part-Time Returning Adult Scholarship
  • Robert Farley Ogden Endowed Scholarship
  • Ruth Kwait Scholarship
  • Social Science Scholarship
  • Stan Magnuson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Wells Fargo Scholarship

Please Talk to Department Faculty Members for Information on Departmental Scholarships

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Academic Travel/Study Abroad Scholarships

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