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Forms & Documents

Due to COVID-19, all financial aid staff are currently working remotely. If you need to submit forms to our office, please use our document submitters (available for both student with StarID login and parent/third party with signature) in order to securely submit your information.

2022-2023 Student Online Forms

The forms below are to be completed online by the student and electronically signed and submitted. Unless otherwise stated, you will use your StarID login and password to access the forms.

Make sure that you check the request from the Financial Aid Office and complete only the forms that are needed.

2022-2023 Online Forms (for Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023)

2022-23 Dependent Household Size/# in College Verification Worksheet (requires student and parent signature)

2022-23 Independent Household Size/# in College Verification Worksheet

2022-23 Student Non-Tax Filer Worksheet (Independent students will also need to complete form 4506-T below)

2022-23 Student IRS Statement (to be completed with non-tax friler worksheet for Independent Students only)

2022-23 Parent Non-Tax Filer Worksheet (requires student and parent signature) (Parent will also need to complete form 4506-T below)

2022-23 Parent IRS Statement (to be completed with parent non-tax filer worksheet_


2022-23 Minnesota State Grant Eligibility Questionnaire 
2022-23 Consortium Agreement for MN State Schools (Complete after you have registered  at another Minnesota State College or University to get financial aid from Normandale for those courses)
Financial Aid Cancel Form (Use this form if you not longer want to use financial aid at  Normandale)
2022-23 Petition for Consideration with Special Circumstances (to use for change of income from 2020, parent in college, or adjustment to standard cost of attendance)

Document Submitter - Use this if you have to submit documentation for a purpose other than the forms listed on this page. You can take a picture and add that as an attachment to this eForm. 
Student document submitter (Login using your StarID and password)
Parent document submitter (Login not required, please have student tech ID or StarId ready to include)

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal forms (not year specific)
Academic and/or Financial Aid Suspension -Failure to meet the minimum cumulative GPA and/or completion rate
Financial Aid  Suspension for Exceeding Maximum Time Frame Appeal E-form

Instructions and Links for Requesting IRS forms

Instructions for using the IRS Data Retrieval on the FAFSA (PDF instructions)

Request a 2020 IRS Tax Transcript online (link to online request) 

Instructions to request a 2020 IRS Tax Transcript online or by phone (PDF instructions)

Form 4506-T - Request a 2020 Verification of Non-Filing Letter from the IRS (PDF form and instructions)

Print and Mail Forms

The PDF forms below must be printed, completed, signed and submitted. With the exception of the FAFSA signature page, we recommend that you submit any of these documents by using the document submitter for students or parents/third parties.

Fall 2022- Summer 2023 (to be completed for Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Summer 2023)

Forms requiring student and parent signature
2022-23 Dependent Household Size/ # in College Verification Worksheet
2022-23 Student Non-tax filer Worksheet
2022-23 Parent Non-tax filer Worksheet
Special Circumstances
2022-23 Petition to Change Status from Dependent to Independent
2022-23 Estimated Income Certification (to be used with petition to change from dependent to independent)
2022-23 Petition for Dependent Student to Receive Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan Only (to be use if parent refuses to sign FAFSA)
Consortium Agreement (to use if requesting aid for classes taken at other colleges/universities)
2022-23 Consortium Agreement for non-Minnesota State Schools
2022-23 Minnesota Child Care Grant application
The Student's portion can be submitted using our secure online document submitter for students (StarID/password required to login) 
The Child Care Provider can submit their portion using our secure online document submitter for parents/third party (electronic singature required-make sure they know your TechID/StarID).
Federal Direct PLUS loan for Parents
2022-23 PLUS Loan Request Form
2022-23 PLUS Loan Processing Steps
Other forms
2022-23 ALLISS Grant Application
2022-23 Statement of Educational Purpose
2022-23 FAFSA Signature Page (This form must have original signatures mailed to the Financial Aid Office)
2022-23 MN State Grant Waiver (to be used if you are not able to get requested transcripts for consideration of MN State Grant)
Instructions for retrieving financial aid information from eServices for Third Party requests (such as County Assistance Forms)

Fresh Start Initative - For Students Who Have Loans in Default and are Trying to Regain Aid Eligibility
Fresh Start Initiative For Defaulted Loans - Acknowledgement Form
Fresh Start Fact Sheet- guidance from federal Student Aid)