Right Now Scholarships

For New and Returning Students

Register for fall courses by August 3, 2020, and receive up to $500 while funding lasts!   

Subject to the program details below, Right Now Scholarships are:

  • $100 per student registered for up to five credits
  • $200 per student registered for 6-8 credits
  • $300 per student registered for 9-11 credits
  • $500 per student registered for 12 or more credits   

Who will receive a Right Now  Scholarship?      

  • With a few exceptions listed below, every new and returning student who registers for fall classes by August 3, 2020, will receive a Right Now Scholarship as long as funding lasts. This includes students who were already registered when Normandale announced the scholarship program.     
  • Eligible students are automatically enrolled in this program by registering for classes by August 3, 2020. There's no special form you need to fill out or other step you need to take!   
  • PSEO and concurrent enrollment students are not eligible to receive Right Now Scholarships. Students whose tuition is paid by a third party (for example, an employer or government agency), and students paying the senior tuition rate are also not eligible.   

Which credits count?     

  • Credits for developmental and college-level courses count for this scholarship. 
  • Continuing Education and Customized Training course credits do not count.    

How and when will Right Now Scholarships be awarded?   

  • These scholarships are available on a first come, first served basis while funding lasts.
  • Your scholarship amount will be based on the number of fall credits for which you are registered by the end of the drop/add period (11:59 p.m. on August 28, 2020).
  • Right Now Scholarships will be credited to student accounts when financial aid is disbursed. 
  • Because your scholarship will not be credited to your account until after the start of fall semester, you must still meet fall tuition payment deadlines to avoid being dropped from classes. 
  • Right Now Scholarships will be applied to any balance in your student account. Any excess funds will be sent to you.   

If you have other questions about Right Now Scholarships, please contact Student Services at studentservices@normandale.edu