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Normandale staff helps students on the computer.
Center for Teaching and Learning

Lifelong learning is an important aspect at Normandale, and it is a value that faculty, staff and students embrace on a daily basis.

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides amazing professional development and learning opportunities for instructors, and helps to advance the collective purpose of being a student-ready college. We take great pride in this important resource that helps us do our best to ensure student success at Normandale and beyond.

Our Mission Statement is to promote and sustain a professional community of continuous learners who are committed to transforming the educational experiences of students through equity, student readiness principles, and innovation. 

Our main goals are:

  • Collect and communicate professional development opportunities that align with Normandale's focus on equity, student readiness, and innovation.
  • Continually grow as equitable educators through critical reflection, evidence-based strategies, and exploratory approaches.
  • Design, implement, and assess student-centered, equity-minded professional development opportunities.
  • Develop a system that supports a culture of continuous learning, transformation, and collegiality.

Online Resources


New Faculty onboarding

The topics in this New Faculty Onboarding link will help faculty get started at Normandale, and can be referenced at any time!


Book an appointment with a CTL Instructional Designer/Technologist  

Two On-Campus Spaces Exist:

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