7.8 Purchasing Credit Cards

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Chapter 7: General Finance Provisions

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 7.3 Financial Administration
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 7.3.3 Purchasing Cards

Purpose:  The purchasing credit card program is a streamlined method to better manage procurement resources and thereby reduces the volume of individual vendor payments processed by the college in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Part 1: Purchasing Credit Card Program

The use of the Purchasing Card is an alternate means of payment and must not circumvent purchasing rules, regulations, policies and procedures outlined in the Normandale Purchasing and Contracts Manual. The purchasing card allows a cardholder the authority and capability to purchase low dollar value business supplies and items directly. Generally, purchases must be under $2,500 per transaction with a maximum of $10,000 monthly, per delegated authority.


Subpart A:  The purchasing card may not be used for complex services when insurance is required to protect the college from potential liability, construction services, professional-technical services or for high risk projects.   


Subpart B:  A complete listing of other restrictions are outlined in the Purchasing Card Policy and Procedures Manual.

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Part 2: Card Authority

Purchasing cards are assigned and issued to a cardholder and must be recommended and approved by their supervisor.  The cardholder and their supervisor must understand and acknowledge the use restrictions and consequences contained in the Purchasing Card Policies and Procedures Manual by signing the cardholder agreement.   Cardholders must have delegation of authority to participate.


Subpart A:  Purchasing cards are intended to be utilized exclusively by the Cardholder.


Subpart B:  Documentation for purchasing must be completed in a timely manner and submitted with necessary receipts and submitted on the monthly transaction log for payment.


Subpart C:  Cardholders must ensure necessary funds are encumbered to cover transactions and must monitor balances to ensure adequate funds are available for monthly obligations.

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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions: November 2015
Next Review Date:  2018-19
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