7.5 Waiver of Application Fees

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Chapter 7: General Finance Provisions

7.5 Waiver of Application Fees

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.11 Tuition and Fees
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees

Purpose:  To fulfill Board policy and procedure with regard to waivers of application fees at Normandale Community College.

Part 1: Conditions under which the Application Fee may be waived.

Subpart A:  Financial hardship, as evidenced by:

  1. A request from a  high school counselor on behalf of the student.
  2. Submission of a National Association of College Admissions Counselor NACAC waiver request form completed and signed by an authorized official.
  3. Enrollment in a Federal, State, or local program that aids students from low-income families (such as Admission Possible, TRIO programs).
  4. Participation in the Free and Reduced Lunch program.
  5. Receipt of ACT or SAT testing fee waiver.
  6. Receipt of economic assistance benefits (such as Women, Infants and Children (WIC), welfare, food stamps, etc.).
  7. Federally subsidized public housing, foster home or homeless.
  8. Ward of the State or an orphan.
  9. A request from a designated official at a correctional facility on behalf of an individual who is incarcerated.
  10. Evidence of current unemployment.
  11. Other documentation of financial hardship as determined by the Director of Admissions.

Subpart B:  Service member status

  1. Current enrollment in U.S. military service
  2. Veteran of the U.S. military service

Subpart C:  Marketing purposes

  1. Applications submitted at the College’s Open House events and other recruiting events (such as college information sessions, high school visits, visiting tour groups, on site appointments, etc.).
  2. Special application events, on-site in area high schools, churches or community centers.
  3. Applications submitted by a specific group of students who have a strong possibility of matriculation to the college (i.e., graduating high school seniors enrolled through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program).

Subpart D:  Non-admitted students

To remove an outstanding application fee for an individual who was never admitted to the Normandale Community College but is prevented from admission/enrollment to another Minnesota State college or university.

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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption: Established prior to 2011
Department Owner:  Student Affairs / Admissions
Next Review Date:  12/06/2022
Date and Subject of Revisions:  
10/29/18, MnSCU changed to Minnesota State Colleges & Universities & formatting changes.
6/7/18, Part 2 deleted, discontinued charging orientation fee effective 7/1/2018.
9/15/11, Part I, Subpart D added, 2/15/12 Orientation fee waiver added to policy in Part 2.
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