6.9 Access to Facilities

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Chapter 6: Facilities

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  To specify policy with regard to accessing facilities at Normandale Community College.

Part 1: Campus Operating Hours

Subpart A:  Normal Campus Operating Hours

  1. Monday through Friday: 6:30AM – 10:00PM
  2. Saturdays: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
  3. Sundays: Closed

    Subpart B:  Changes in Operating Hours

    1. With the approval of the Executive Cabinet, operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.
    2. Certain buildings and areas on campus (Kopp Student Center, Library, Computer Center) may determine their own hours of operation within the normal campus operating hours.
    3. During breaks between fall and spring semesters, campus operating hours may be limited with the approval of the Cabinet due.
    4. In observance of state holidays, campus operating hours on holidays are determined by the Cabinet. 

      Subpart C:  Request Building Use Outside of Operating Hours
      Building use for special event purposes outside of operating hours must be approved the Cabinet.

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      Part 2: Authorized Access

      Subpart A:  Faculty, staff, students, and guests may access campus buildings during campus operating hours.


      Subpart B:  Access Outside of Operating Hours. Requests for access outside of operating hours must receive prior approval from the Director of Public Safety. Those without prior approval must depart the building immediately at the end of campus operating hours. Administrators are exempted from this provision.

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        Policy History:
      Date of Adoption: Established prior to 2011
      Date of Implementation:
      Date and Subject of Revisions:  
      Next Review Date:  2014-15
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