5.8 PSEO Textbooks

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Chapter 5: Administration

5.8 PSEO Textbooks

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 3.5 Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) Program
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  To promote consistency, efficiency, fairness and effectiveness in the handling PSEO textbook transactions during fall and spring semesters.

Part 1: Authorization to Provide Textbooks to PSEO Students

Textbooks provided to students through the PSEO program are the property of Normandale Community College per Minnesota State Statute § 124D.09 Subd. 20.

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Part 2: PSEO Textbooks/Course Materials Agreement

PSEO students will sign an agreement each term, at the time they receive their textbooks/course materials, outlining the terms and conditions to which they will be held. 

The agreement will cover:

  1. Returns dates
  2. Condition of textbooks/course material when returned
  3. Necessity of original receipt
  4. Fines for not returning or damaging textbooks/course materials
  5. Holds placed on academic record for not returning or damaging textbooks/course materials
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Part 3: Authorization to Make Exceptions

Exceptions to the terms and conditions in the textbook/course materials agreement may be granted by the Bookstore Manager.

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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption: August 8, 2014
Date of Implementation: Fall 2014
Date and Subject of Revisions:  
Next Review Date:  2017-18
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