5.7 College Access, Parking, and Security Policy

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Chapter 5: Administration

5.7 College Access, Parking, and Security Policy

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.11 Tuition and Fees
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees


To comply with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board Policy 5.11, Part 5, Subpart A and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Procedure 5.11.1, Part 3, Subpart B for parking fees and enforcement on property owned or leased by Normandale Community College.  Parking fees support the cost of construction, improvements and maintenance of parking lots, security of parking lots, and access to the College's entrances and roadways. They are also required by Minnesota Statute 136F.67, which limits the use of state appropriation funds for such purposes.

Part 1: College Access, Parking and Security (CAPS) Fee

Subpart A:  Students

  1. The CAPS fee is assessed on a per credit basis.
  2. CAPS fees for students are due by the established deadline for tuition and fees.

Subpart B:  Employees

  1. By Minnesota State policy, fees paid by employees cannot be less than the fees paid by students.
  2. The CAPS fee for full-time employees is equivalent to the student per-credit charge multiplied by 30, the number of credits equivalent to a full-time student.
  3. The CAPS fee for part-time employees is the annual fee multiplied by the employee's full-time equivalency.
  4. The CAPS fee is deducted from employee payroll.

Subpart C:  Exemptions for Employees

  1. Upon request, a fee waiver will be considered based on an employee's leave of absence more than 90 days in duration (e.g., medical, sabbatical, or other) or consistent with an employee's union contract terms. To request a waiver, submit the CAPS Fee Waiver Form to the Vice President of Administration, who will approve or deny the request as appropriate. CAPS fee waivers expire at the end of a fiscal year, or earlier, depending on eligibility.

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Part 2: Parking Areas and Policies

Subpart A:  College Parking Areas

  1. College parking areas refers to any surface lots, parking ramps, or overflow lots, on or off campus, which are owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by Normandale Community College and enforced by the Public Safety Department.


Subpart B:  Parking Rules and Regulations

  1. In accordance with Minnesota State Statute 169.966, faculty, staff, students and visitors parking their vehicles on college parking areas are expected to obey parking signage and conform to all applicable rules and regulations governed by the Public Safety Department.

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Part 3: Parking Citations and Appeals

Subpart A: Rules & Regulations Enforcement

  1. In addition to providing security services, Normandale Community College's Public Safety Department is responsible for enforcing parking rules and regulations in College Parking Areas as defined in Part 2 Subpart A(1). In addition to issuing a citation, Public Safety may have vehicles towed without warning at the owner's expense.


Subpart B: Non-Payment of Fines

  1. Failure to pay parking fines is a violation of college policy. Students may have a hold placed on academic records and may be unable to register for future college courses until payments are received by the Payments and Billing Office. 


Subpart C: Appeal of Citations

  1. Unpaid Normandale citations may be appealed. The Parking Citation Appeal Form is available at the Public Safety Office or on the Public Safety website. Appeals must be received by the Public Safety Department within ten business days of the date the citation was issued. 
  2. Appeals received within ten business days of the citation's issuance are processed and sent to the Student's Rights & Responsibilities Board. The board is made up of students, staff and faculty who determine whether the citation was valid based on the circumstances stated in the appeal. They will decide to uphold, reduce or dismiss the citation and will notify the appellant by mail of their decision. All decisions by the board are final. 
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 Date of Adoption: Established prior to 2011

Date of Implementation: Prior to 2011

Policy History and Subject of Revisions:  

January, 2022, updated waiver qualifications

September, 2021, updated links, formatting, removal of online credit fee exemption

March 2018, Policy name change, updated links, Part 1 Sup-part C updates, formatting

November 2015, updated links, removed dollar amounts & added calculations of fees, formatted 

Department Owner:  Facilities

Next Review Date:  2025