5.19.1 Alcohol at Events

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Chapter 5: Administration

5.19.1 Alcoholic Beverages at Campus Events

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.18 Alcoholic Beverages or Controlled Substances on Campus
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.18.1 Alcohol Use and Controlled Substances on Campus

Purpose:  To provide process and procedure for requesting and distributing alcohol at campus related events.

Part 1: Single Event Use
  Those seeking permission for the one-time (single event) use of alcohol or beer at Normandale must adhere to the following procedure.

Subpart A:  Coordination of Alcohol Event  
All alcohol related events must be coordinated with the Campus Event Coordinator by calling 952-358-8120.


Subpart B:  Licensing  
Food Service Contractor must be notified of the intent to sell or distribute alcohol for the single event and agree to the use of their Liquor License for said event.  Campus and event coordinator must retain a copy of the applicable liquor license.


Subpart C:  Purchasing and Distribution  
Food Service Contractor that holds the Liquor License must be used for the purchasing and distribution of alcohol.


Subpart D:  Legal Age  
It shall be unlawful for any person under the legal age as specified by Minnesota statutes to have in his or her possession any alcoholic beverage or 3.2% malt liquor upon the premises or grounds of a state college or university or at institution-sponsored off-campus events.  All event attendees must provide a government ID as proof of legal age prior to the selling of or consuming of alcohol.  The checking of ID’s and verification of legal age is the shared responsibility of both the event sponsor and the seller (food service contractor).


Subpart E:  Liability and Indemnification  
Any person (or group) possessing, using, consuming, selling, bartering, or furnishing any alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor upon the premises or grounds of a state college or university assumes all risk and liability for damage and injuries to persons and/or property which in any way results from such possession, use, consumption, sale, bartering or furnishing of alcoholic beverages or 3.2% malt liquor.


Subpart F:  Insurance  
All groups which serve, sell, barter, or furnish any alcoholic beverage or 3.2% malt liquor pursuant to Minnesota Statatue Chapter 340A shall provide evidence of liability insurance as specified by the college naming the State of Minnesota, the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, the college or university, the officers, agents, employees, and students as the insured.


Subpart G:  State Funds  
No state funds may be used to purchase alcoholic or 3.2 malt liquor beverages, insurance, or be used in connection with the service of these beverages.


Subpart H:  Public Safety  
The Normandale Director of Public Safety must be notified of the intent to provide alcohol at an event at least 2 weeks prior to event and appropriate security levels must be assessed.


Subpart I:  Approval  
Permission of the president is required before such an event may take place.  Those requesting permission must complete and obtain the president’s signature on the Minnesota State Check List for Events Involving Alcohol Beverages (5.18.2), which is part of Minnesota State Systems Procedure 5.18.

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