5.17 Library Gifts

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Chapter 5: Administration

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 7.7 Gift and Grants Acceptance
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: Procedure 7.7.1 Gifts and Grants Acceptance Reporting Form


Part 1: Prohibitions

Items donated shall become the property of the Library and Normandale Community College upon receipt.  The Normandale Community College Library cannot accept any donation of materials from individuals or institutions which will not relinquish total control of the items to the Library.

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Part 2: Exceptions

Each item received will be evaluated by library faculty for possible inclusion in the Library collections based on its content, current collection levels in the subject area, and whether the item supports the current curricular needs of the college.   Items not added to the collection will be transferred to other Minnesota State libraries, or other nonprofit organizations, or may be recycled, as appropriate.

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Part 3: Violations

The Library does not provide valuations of items donated.  Requests for confirmation of material (in-kind) donations to the library will be handled by the Normandale Community College Foundation.

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  Do you know when the policies on the website (e.g. concerning gifts) were adopted? January 18, 2012
Policy History: (See note from Rosalie Bunge)
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation: 9/23/68
Date and Subject of Revisions: numerous but can easily document 7/1/85, 7/1/90, 1/29/01, 1/18/12
Next Review Date:  2014-15
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