5.16 College Intranet

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Chapter 5: Administration

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Purpose: The college intranet is the central vehicle for internal campus communications. The college has established policies, governance structure, and guidelines that pertain to the appropriate use of internal communications.  

Part 1: Definitions
  1. Intranet.
    The intranet (https://mnscu.sharepoint.com/sites/Norm-EmpExchange) is an internal site of the college and is internally referred to as the Employee Exchange.  All Normandale employees listed in Active Directory have access to the Employee Exchange and are expected to access it regularly to access campus communications and information.
  2. Active Directory.
    Active Directory provides central authentication, authorization services, and enforcement of security policies for networked computers.  An employee must be added to this directory to access Normandale computer systems.
  3. Site Owner.
    Employee appointed by the Department Head, Dean, or Cabinet Member to coordinate the development and maintenance of departmental page(s) on the Employee Exchange. This individual is responsible for reviewing and approving designated intranet content.
  4.  Contributors.
    Normandale employees that add or maintain content on the Employee Exchange is considered a contributor.[SharePoint calls them members]

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Part 2: Responsibilities

Subpart A: Intranet Workgroup. This workgroup is responsible for overseeing ongoing compliance with this College Intranet policy and established intranet guidelines. It has authority to maintain the structure and content of the top-level and secondary pages of the primary intranet site, and authority for the structure for the remaining pages.  This workgroup has the right to initiate the removal of inappropriate content sites that do not follow established policies and guidelines.  This workgroup is authorized to define permissions granted to all content providers.


Subpart B: Information Technology. Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for the ongoing establishment and enforcement of policies that relate to providing a stable, functional, and secure intranet.


Subpart C: Contributors. Contributors are responsible for receiving training and following established guidelines. Contributors are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date information and abiding by the timelines established in the governing document. 


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Policy History:

Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011

Department Owner: Human Resources, Public Relations, President's Office

Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions: Updated definitions and responsibilities. August 2021
Next Review Date:  2025

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