5.14.1 Media Relations

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Chapter 5: Administration

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Purpose:  Effective communications with the media are critical to Normandale Community College’s ability to carry out its mission and program continued support for the college.

Part 1: Effective Media Relations

Effective media relations best serve the college by:

  • Informing the public of what we can do for them
  • Promoting the college’s achievements, activities and events of significance
  • Expanding the general visibility of Normandale
  • Ensuring that accurate information is conveyed to the public regarding incidents and issues of controversial and/or sensitive nature
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Part 2: Media and Public Relations Office

The Media and Public Relations office will help prepare and organize faculty, staff or students for possible public opportunities to speak to issues regarding Normandale Community College.

To do that, the Media and Public Relations Director must be informed of any requests or information regarding such matters.

In turn, it is the Media and Public Relations Director’s responsibility to provide advance notice of these opportunities, and background information regarding the interview.


Subpart A:  All releases intended for off-campus or external audiences should be routed through the Director of Media and Public Relations


Subpart B:  The Media and Public Relations office should be notified about negative occurrences that are likely to raise the level of the news story.


Subpart C:  Members of the faculty and staff are free to respond to requests from the media regarding their professional expertise, research, scholarship, and teaching.  In such cases, the Director of Media and Public Relations should be notified as soon as possible (preferably prior to the interview) to inform him/her or the contact.


Subpart D:  Such notification can be particularly important if follow-up inquiries are made with other college personnel to ensure a coordinated, consistent college response.  The Media and Public Relations office will work hard to give faculty and staff advance notice of any media request. We will try our best to give you a 24-hour notice of any of these requests.

However, with the nature of the modern-day media cycle that will not always be possible.  

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  Procedure History: August 1, 2013
Date of Adoption:  August 1, 2013
Date of Implementation: August 1, 2013
Date and Subject of Revisions: August 1, 2013
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