5.13.1 Web Publishing Procedures

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Chapter 5: Administration

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Purpose:  There are two locations for web publishing: the external facing college website and the internal facing employee portal.

The college web site is an official public form of communication with prospective students, current students, potential donors and alumni, college employees and community members.  The college has established an approved process for web publishing to ensure the professional quality of information published to the college’s website.

Part 1: The Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is an internal web site and document repository accessible to Normandale employees only. 

  1. One of the purposes of the Employee Portal is to serve as the primary communication method for college information for faculty and staff, one that provides timely access to relevant information in one convenient location.
  2. It is not intended for student communication or for external communication.
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Part 2: Writing and Publishing Content to the Normandale Website

Subpart A:  Author/Approver Responsibilities
Content, the information that appears on the website, is managed locally by each department or office.  Each department needs an author, the person responsible for adding, editing, and deleting content from their department web pages.  The approver is the department person responsible with reviewing the additions, edits, and deletions to the department pages before publishing.


Subpart B: Becoming an Author/Approver
The author and approver are granted user rights and access by the Web Architect in the Marketing Communications department.  Here are the steps to getting author or approver rights:

  1. Talk with your manager or area Dean regarding your wanting to edit/add to existing or new web pages.
  2. The manager or area Dean opens a support ticket to ITS either requesting rights as and author or approver.  Identify what web pages you want to access.
  3. Receive training on the college web content management system (CMS).

Subpart C: Web Style Guide
Authors and approvers are expected to follow the publishing guidelines of the Web Style Guide.  Questions on web publishing should be directed to the Web Architect in the Marketing Communications department.

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Part 3: Writing and Publishing Content to the Normandale Employee Portal

Subpart A:  Types of Information

  1. The Announcements section serves to inform faculty and staff of college activities, events on campus, information pertinent to employees, committee meetings, candidate forums, deadlines, grant opportunities, employment opportunities, IT updates, planned outages, requests for volunteers, personnel changes, etc.
  2. The Forum area provides an opportunity for faculty and staff interest can discuss debate and explore topics of interest including scholarly ideas, college issues, etc.
  3. The Bulletin Board area is intended for employees to list items for sale, publicize fundraisers, share tasteful humor, post cute pictures, request service recommendations, etc.

Subpart B:  Posting Information
Any employee may post information according to the guidelines for placement and content above.  Information on student-sponsored events may be posted by the faculty/staff advisor of student group/organizations.


Subpart C:  Duration and Time of Postings
The length of time that information will be posted will be at the discretion of the employee submitting the item.  If no specific duration is indicated in the submission, the default will be one week.


Subpart D:  Submitting Announcements and Other Items
Items will be submitted by employees via an electronic submission form that will automatically post the information on the Employee Portal.  Employees should be mindful of posting information that might is not in alignment with college values or acceptable use policy.

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