5.11.1 Emergency Closing

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Chapter 5: Administration

5.11.1 Weather or Other Emergency Closing

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 4.4 Weather/Short Term Emergency Closings
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  In cases of severe weather, the College may remain open, cancel classes, or close the campus.

Part 1: Responsibilities

Subpart A:  President

  1. The President of the College is responsible for making the decision of whether to remain open, cancel classes, or close the campus.
  2. The President is responsible for communicating with the Vice Presidents.
  3. The President is responsible for communicating with the System Office his/her decision in the case of class cancellations or campus closing.

Subpart B:  Vice Presidents

  1. Vice Presidents provide consultation to the President regarding closure decisions and related personnel issues.
  2. The Vice President for Finance and Operations is responsible for assuring that established procedures are followed and the communication plan implemented.  He/she notifies the Director of Public Safety and the Physical Plant Director.
  3. The Chief Human Resources Officer is responsible for personnel issues including determination of “weather essential” employees and pay/compensation implications of a closure decision.

Subpart C:  Director of Public Safety

The Director Director of Public Safety or designee posts notifications as follows:

  1. Radio (WCCO AM only)
  3. College website
  4. Employee portal
  5. “StarAlert” (Blackboard Connect) message to students and employees
  6. Class Cancellation voicemail (x8300)
  7. Contact ITS on-call to post voice message on main line (x8200)
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Part 2: Authority

Subpart A:  College President or Designee. In accordance with Minnesota State Policy 4.4, the authority to close the College campus or cancel classes and other activities when a weather emergency or other emergency exists, resides with the College President or the President’s designee.


Subpart B:  Governor or Commissioner of Employee Relations

  1. In the event that the Governor or the Commissioner of Employee Relations closes all other state agencies, the College will also close.
  2. If the Governor or Commissioner of Employee Relations closes only certain agencies but not all agencies, the College President will make an independent decision.
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Part 3: Winter Weather Closing Considerations

Subpart A:  Severity of the Weather Event.

  1. Ice - MnDOT advisory issued
  2. Snow - 8 inches predicted
  3. Temperature - Air temp -25, wind chill -40, as forecasted for 6:00 AM

Subpart B:  Closing at Other Institutions

  1. South Metro Minnesota State institutions
  2. K-12 districts, especially Bloomington

Subpart C:  Number of Faculty Initiated Class Cancellations - 10%


Subpart D:  Public Transit - Any schedule change.

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Part 4: Time Parameters for Cancellations or Late Start

Subpart A:  Day Classes including Saturday classes - no later than 5:30 a.m.


Subpart B:  Evening Classes - no later than 3:00 p.m.

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