5.10.1 Vendor Tables

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Chapter 5: Administration

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.
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Purpose:  To provide a process for reserving a vendor table for Normandale recognized student clubs and organizations, campus departments and community organizations.

Part 1: Kopp Student Center Reservation - Staff Requests

Subpart A:  Requests for a table in the Kopp Student Center must be directed to the Student Center/Student Life Assistant at 952-358-8120.


Subpart B:  All requests for tables are filled on a first come first serve basis and must be made at least 24 hours in advance.


Subpart C:  Power and Data is available upon request on a first come first serve basis.


Subpart D:  A fee will be charged for the Kopp Student Center Vendor Table space for all non-official Normandale business


Subpart E:  Check, cash, or credit care will be accepted as payment and is due the day the vendor table is used.

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Part 2: Non-Kopp Student Center Facility Requests

Subpart A:  Request for all non-Kopp Student Center space must be directed to (952) 358-8260 or (952) 358-8638.


Subpart B:  Tables are limited to 3 total in the college services main entrance.


Subpart C:  These tables will be available to college representatives, employers, non-profits, U.S. Bank and government organizations like the Armed Forces.


Subpart D:  NCC will charge a $60 fee for vendor tables used by employers.

  1. College reps may use the tables at no charge.
  2. Vendors that are sponsored by clubs and organizations will use the vendor tables in the Kopp Student Center.
  3. Normandale reserves the right to limit the number of table opportunities per vendor.
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