4.5.2 Reasonable Accommodations for Job Applicants

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Chapter 4: Human Resources

4.5.2 Reasonable Accommodations for Job Applicants

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 1B.1 Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: Procedure 1B.0.1 Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

Purpose:  The purpose of this procedure is to assist applicants for employment with requesting a reasonable accommodation during the search/hiring process.

Part 1: Reasonable Accommodations

All initial communication with job applicants regarding job vacancies shall indicate the willingness of the college to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical or mental disabilities of applicants, and shall invite applicants to contact the college to request accommodations.

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Part 2: Request Processing

The individual contacted with the request shall immediately contact the Affirmative Action Officer.  Requests shall be processed in a timely manner.


Subpart A:  The Affirmative Action Officer shall contact the job applicant to discuss the requested accommodation and possible alternatives.


Subpart B:  If the Affirmative Action Officer approves the requested accommodation, the request will be forwarded to the college president for final approval.


Subpart C:  If the accommodation is approved, the Affirmative Action Officer and the hiring committee chair will take the necessary steps to see that the accommodation is provided.


Subpart D:  If the requested accommodation is denied and the individual believes the decision is based on discriminatory reasons, he/she may file a complaint internally through the discrimination complaint procedure as outlined in this plan.

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  Procedure History:  May 1, 2013
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