4.4.1 Reporting Violence

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Chapter 4: Human Resources

4.4.1 Reporting Workplace Violence

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 1B.3 Sexual Violence Policy
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 1B.3.1 Sexual Violence Procedure

Purpose:  The purpose of this procedure is to inform employees on the process of reporting incidents that are considered to be violence in the workplace.

Part 1: Notification

When they became aware of actions which violate this policy, all employees have the responsibility to immediately notify at least one of the following:  their supervisor, the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Director of Public Safety, the Vice President of Finance and Operations, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, or the Vice President of Student Affairs.

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Part 2: Responsibilities

All employees will have responsibility for ensuring a safe workplace.  Administrators and supervisors will continue to have primary responsibility for monitoring and resolving employee conflicts or disputes, and for taking appropriate corrective action when potentially violent situations develop.

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Part 3: The Vice President of Finance and Operations

The Vice President of Finance and Operations will assume responsibility for coordinating the college response to reports of workplace related threats and acts of violence and serve as the college contact person with law enforcement authorities. 


Subpart A:  The Chief Human Resources Officer will work with administrators and supervisors to take appropriate disciplinary action against employees who violate the policy. 


Subpart B:  The Vice President of Student Affairs will assume responsibility for handling student discipline with may result from violation of this policy by students.

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Part 4: Policy Notification

Copies of this policy will be distributed to all current employees, will be posted on the employee portal, and will be posted for the information of customers/students and visitors.  Administrators and supervisors will be responsible for informing employees of this policy, and for enforcing compliance.  This policy will be provided to all new employees and it will be referenced in the student handbook. 

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  Procedure History:  May 1, 2013
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