4.13 Faculty Evaluation

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Chapter 4: Human Resources

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 4.9 Employee Evaluation
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  To comply with Minnesota State policy 4.9 regarding faculty evaluation and Minnesota Statute 43A. 20.

Part 1: Related Requiremens

Subpart A:  Minnesota State Board Policy 4.9 Employee Evaluation

Responsibility.  Each Minnesota State Colleges and Universities institution and the system office shall have in place a procedure for evaluating employees, including faculty and administrators, on an annual basis.

Supervisors have the responsibility and authority for evaluation of employees under their supervision unless the college or university procedure provides for another process.  This is consistent with requirements in Minnesota Statues, Chapter 43A.20.

Process. Evaluations are to be completed in a manner consistent with any requirements found in Minnesota Statues and the applicable collective bargaining agreements or personnel plan.  A procedure may provide for evaluations of a limited scope in certain years if that is consistent with the language of a collective bargaining agreement.


Subpart B:  MN Statute 43A.20: 43A.20, 2011 Minnesota Statutes


Subpart C:  HLC Criteria for Accreditation 3C Part 3:

Instructors are evaluated regularly in accordance with established institutional policies and procedures.

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Part 2: Assumptions
  Subpart A:  It is assumed that faculty are highly qualified in their respective fields, desire to perform at a high level, consider successful student learning a priority, acknowledge that student feedback provides them with insights on how students perceive the course and how they are learning, value the opportunity for self-reflection and self-directed professional growth and are most qualified to develop their own goals for improvement and identify methods to achieve those goals.
  Subpart B:   Normandale Community College’s Employee Development Philosophy  states, “We, as a college, are committed to promoting and supporting the learning and development of all members of Normandale.  We will ensure that all employees learn what is expected of them as employees and members of the Normandale community.  We will also ensure that all employees have access to development opportunities that support the college's strategic plan and our on-going commitment to community building, customer service, intercultural competency, leadership development, and management and supervision.”
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Part 3: Evaluation Process
  Subpart A:  The process for faculty evaluation will be conducted in accordance with the Faculty Evaluation Procedure. 
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