3.7 Student Complaints and Grievances Policy

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Chapter 3: Educational Policies

3.7 Student Complaints and Grievances Policy

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 3.8 Student Complaints and Grievances
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 3.8.1 Student Complaints and Grievances

Purpose:  To affirm the college’s commitment to fair and equitable treatment of students.

Part 1: Students' Right to File a Complaint or Grievance

A student has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a designated complaint or grievance procedure.


Part 2: Procedures

The College has established procedures to implement this policy. The student grievance policy and procedures comply with Minnesota State Board Policy 3.8 and Procedure 3.8.1.  

Part 3:  Scope of Complaint or Grievance Procedures

This policy applies to complaints, grievances, and academic grade reviews. 

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Policy History:
Date of Adoption: Established prior to 2011
Department / Owner: Academic Affairs
Date and Subject of Revisions: 
3/12/2019 Updated MnSCU to Minnesota State; Updated Policy and Procedure number from 2.11 & 2.11.1. to 3.7 & 3.7.1 to align better with State of Minnesota Policy and Procedures; Part 2, the collge has now established a procedure; formatting changes. 
Next Review Date: 3/12/2023
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