3.6.1 Auditing a Class

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Chapter 3: Educational Procedures

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  To provide the framework for which an individual can seek course instruction without academic obligation while compensating the College for human and organizational resources provided.

Part 1: Definition

Subpart A: Audit.  An Audit (AU) is the grade assigned for a class where the student has elected to enroll without obligation to fulfill course requirements.  Audited classes carry no credit or grade point average value.

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Part 2: Financial Information

Subpart A:  The cost of an audited course is that same amount of tuition and fees required for the class were it taken for credit.


Subpart B:  Students may not receive financial aid or veterans’ benefits for audited classes.

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Part 3: Eligibility and Enrollment

Subpart A:  Students may elect to audit any class in the Normandale curriculum.


Subpart B:  Students must elect the audit grading option by the 80th percent of the term (for a full-semester class) or by the 80th percent of the class (for a class that does not meet the full semester).


Subpart C:  Students register online through eServices and elect the AU grading method at the time of registration or by utilizing the “View/Modify Class Schedule” feature after initial registration.

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