3.4.1 Proctoring Procedures

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Chapter 3: Educational Procedures

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Purpose:  To establish guidelines for testing procedures at Normandale Community College.

Part 1: Definition

Subpart A:  Certified Proctored Testing.
Certified Proctored Testing Centers are approved sites and so are many of Minnesota State College or University Testing Centers. All other identified proctors are at the discretion of the faculty member and are not sanctioned by the Normandale testing center. See Testing Centers and Proctors section of Policy.

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Part 2: Faculty Member Responsibilities

Subpart A:  Faculty members who require proctored exams must identify the date and time of the proctored exam in the course description prior to a student’s registration.


Subpart B: Faculty members must make arrangements to have a room available to self-proctor exams before or at the start of the semester.


Subpart C: Faculty members must include the dates, times, and include a classroom number in the syllabus or in a Learning Management System (LMS) news item during the first week of class. 


Subpart D: Faculty members must include a date range, to include weekend days, in which a student may schedule an alternate time for a proctored exam number in the syllabus or in a Learning Management System (LMS) news item during the first week of class. 

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Part 3: Student Responsibilities

Subpart A: Identify a proctor. The proctors located in certified testing centers will be given the most consideration by faculty members approving the request.


Subpart B:  The student will provide the faculty member with an email address contact for their proctor to which the exam will be sent. The email address preferred will include an .edu email.


Subpart C: The student will verify the test date with their faculty member and arrange for the proctor’s availability accordingly.


Subpart D: Required information that must be submitted to the faculty member includes:

  • Student name
  • Student email
  • Student ID number
  • Semester (e.g. Fall 2012)
  • Course (e.g. College Algebra)
  • Section (e.g. Math 1100-00)
  • Proctor’s name
  • Proctor’s email
  • Proctor’s title
  • Proctor’s daytime telephone number
  • Proctor’s rank (if applicable)
  • Proctor’s relationship with student (e.g. commanding officer)
  • Proctor’s address
  • Best time to reach the proctor (primarily for out-of-country or state proctoring)
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Part 4: Proctor Responsibilities

Subpart A: The proctor will be asked to complete a form and email that form back to the instructor.


Subpart B: The form includes a statement defining the fact the person has been identified as a proctor and states that the proctor must not be a relative of the student or a direct supervisor of the student.


Subpart C: The proctor will provide the following verfification information to the instructor. Required information that must be completed by the proctor includes:

  • Name of Student
  • Proctor’s name
  • Proctor’s title or Rank
  • Proctors Signature (electronic signaturs provide the main campus telephone number or headquarters number)
  • Official site address (e.g. campus address)
  • Official email of proctor
  • Phone number (preferred work number)
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