3.20.1 Course Drops

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Chapter 3: Educational Procedures

3.20.1 Course Drops and Withdrawals

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.12 Tuition and Fee Due Dates, Refunds, Withdrawals and Waivers
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.11 Tuition and Fees
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 3.34.1 Official Academic Semester Start Dates

Purpose: To comply with Minnesota State policy for the refund of tuition and fees and for defining the period in which a student may drop or withdraw from a class.

Part 1: Course Drops or Withdrawals

Subpart A: During the first five days of the fall and spring semesters and the first five days of the first summer session, a student may drop a class (remove it from his or her academic record).  For late-starting classes, weekend classes and other classes that do not meet the full length of the term (including classes that begin after the fifth day of the first summer session), students can drop through the end of the business day following the first class meeting (or online course begin date). 


Subpart B: The course withdrawal period immediately follows the course drop period. Course withdrawal deadlines are based on the date that approximately 80% of the course has finished.  The College’s student information system automatically calculates the withdrawal deadline for each course based on its meeting dates and course type (online, hybrid, on-campus).  Withdrawal deadlines are published in eServices and on students’ schedules. Withdrawn courses remain on a student’s record with a grade of W. 


Subpart C: College administration may initiate a course drop or withdrawal as a result of the student’s failure to pay tuition, failure to attend classes, failure to meet course prerequisites, failure to meet the standards of satisfactory academic progress, violations of the code of conduct and other situations.

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Part 2: Financial Implications of a Course Drop or Withdrawal

Subpart A: A student who drops a course or withdraws from all courses may be entitled to a refund or partial refund of tuition and fees.


Subpart B:  A student who drops or withdraws from a course after the semester disbursement of financial aid may be subject to the cancellation of a portion or all of the financial aid the student received.  The student may be obligated to return financial aid overages disbursed to him and may be required to pay the tuition and fee charges that were previously covered by the student's aid award.


Subpart C: A student who has been administratively removed from a class may not be eligible for a refund of tuition or fees.

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Part 3: Student Financial Aid Implications

Subpart A:  A student who drops or withdraws from a class, or who has been administratively dropped or withdrawn from a class, is no longer eligible to participate in that class. 


Subpart B:  A dropped course is no longer considered enrolled credits, effective from day one of the term.  A withdrawn class is no longer considered enrolled credits, effective from the date of withdrawal. 


Subpart C:  Withdrawn credits are considered attempted but not earned for the calculation of percent completion when assessing satisfactory academic progress.

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