3.19 Last Date of Attendance Policy

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Chapter 3: Educational Policies

3.19 Last Date of Attendance Policy

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Purpose:  To administer federal financial aid, Section 484B, 34 CFR 668.22 of the Higher Education Act requires Normandale Community College faculty to provide last date of attendance information for students who never attend, who stop attending during the semester, or who receive a grade of No Credit (NC) in a course.

Part 1:Definitions

Subpart A: Last date of attendance. For purposes of this policy, the last date of attendance is determined to be one or more of the following:

1. The last day the student attended class in courses in which attendance is taken by the instructor;
2. The last day on which a student participated in an academically-related activity, such as submitting an assignment or taking a quiz or test;
3. The last day on which a student actively participated in a group or online activity in classes in which attendance is not regularly taken;
4. The date the student officially withdraws from a class, if a last date of attendance was not previously reported by the instructor.


Subpart B: Students who do not pass a course. 

Not passing a course refers to any course in which a grade of FN, FW or NC is assigned. For purposes of this policy, a grade of F is considered an earned grade and does not require a last date of attendance.

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Part 2: Reporting Schedule

Faculty must report a student who never attended class or stopped coming to class.  

Subpart A. Students who never attended.

If a student fails to attend within the first five business days of the class begin date, the faculty shall report the student as never attended.  Reporting should occur after the fifth business day of the term and before the tenth business day of the term, with the exception of courses that begin after the first week of the term.  
Subpart B. Students who stopped attending.

Faculty shall report a last date of attendance for any student who attended class at least one day and subsequently stopped attending for two or more weeks up to the course withdrawal deadline. Faculty shall report the last date of attendance immediately following the non-attendance period. A student who attends past the course withdrawal deadline shall not be reported.  The last day to report is the semester grading deadline. 
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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Department / Owner:  Records & Retention
Date and Subject of Revisions 
09/17/2018: Changed “MnSCU” to “Minnesota State” and modified subpart B
2/19/2019: Revised language in Part 1 Subpart A #2 for clarity
Revised Part 1 Subpart A to include #4, date of withdrawal
Revised Part 2 language to define reporting schedule
8/27/2019:   Revised part 2 Subpart B to clarify that last date of attendance reporting should be ccompleted only for students who stopped attending prior to the
                    course withdrawal deadline.

Next Review Date:  03/01/2022
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