3.16 Academic Renewal

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Chapter 3: Educational Policies

3.16 Adademic Renewal Policy

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Purpose:  To allow students to exclude prior coursework from the calculation of the Normandale graduation credits and GPA to increase the likelihood of meeting Normandale degree, honors and/or selective program admission requirements.

Part 1: Definitions

Subpart A:  Academic renewal. 

Academic  Renewal  is the exclusion of one or more sequential term’s courses from the student’s overall attempted and earned credits and grade points at Normandale Community College, excluding those calculations made for determining financial aid eligibility and financial aid satisfactory academic progress.

Subpart B:  Prior coursework. 

Prior coursework includes credit-based coursework attempted at Normandale Community College.

Subpart C:  Graduation Credits and GPA. 

Graduation credits and grade point average are those used to determine a student’s eligibility for graduation and the official college-level grade point average.

Subpart D:  Selective program admission requirements. 

Selective program admission requirements include a competitive grade point average for programs with limited capacity such as nursing and dental hygiene.

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Part 2: Transcript

The Normandale Community College transcript will reflect the terms and courses for which a student has earned academic renewal.

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Part 3: Conditions
  Subpart A: The coursework must have been completed at least three years prior to the semester the student submits the petition for academic renewal.
  Subpart B: Following the term(s) for which academic renewal is sought and before applying for academic renewal, the student must complete at least 12 credits at Normandale with a minimum GPA of 2.00. The GPA will be determined by the student's cumulative Normandale record (all courses with grades of A, B, C, D, F, FN and FW), following the renewal term(s).
  Subpart C: Excluding the coursework for which academic renewal is sought, the student must have completed (earned a grade of A, B, C, D or P) at least 67% of the cumulative courses in which s/he has enrolled at Normandale.
  Subpart D: The semesters for which academic renewal is sought must be consecutive.  All courses within those terms will be included in this policy.
  Subpart E: A student may only be granted academic renewal one time.
  Subpart F: Coursework attempted within a degree program cannot be considered for academic renewal after a student has earned a degree, even if that coursework was not used to satisfy degree requirements.
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Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Department / Owner:
Next Review Date:  8/18/2021
Date and Subject of Revisions:
8/18/2017 Updated Part 3, Subpart A from five years to three years.  Updated Part 3 Subpart B from 15 credits to 12 credits and from GPA 2.5 to GPA of 2.0. Updated MnSCU to Minnesota State and links and formatting.

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