3.14.1 Make-up Testing

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Chapter 3: Educational Procedures

3.14.1 Make-up Testing and Outside Test Proctoring

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: None.
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: None.

Introduction:  Inquiries may be made to Normandale staff and faculty from students who would like to make up a Normandale test or quiz or would like to have a test from another institution proctored through the Make-up Testing Center.

Part 1: Definitions

Subpart A: Make-up tests are tests that should have been taken in class with a Normandale instructor, but because of an emergency situation, the test could not be taken during the regular class time. 


Subpart B: Outside proctoring is test proctoring that is provided to students who do not attend Normandale Community College but attend another college or university in the United States.

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Part 2: Process

Students who desire to use the Make-up Testing service must follow a procedure in order for the test to be taken in the Make-up Testing Center.


Subpart A: Normandale students who wish to use the services of the Make-up Testing Center must first discuss the request with the course instructor. If the instructor determines that the test or quiz can be made up in the Make-up Testing Center, the instructor must bring the test to the Make-up Testing Center, fill out the Make-up Testing form, and submit the test. 

The student needs to take the test in the time frame stipulated on the form and in the noted Make-up Testing hours. 

All tests completed in the Make-up Testing Center will be delivered back to the faculty mailbox at the end of the workday.


Subpart B: Students who attend another college or university in the United States and need a test proctored must send the Normandale testing center information to their instructor. The instructor sends the test to the proctor via email or mail. Students who are enrolled in another Minnesota State institution are not charged for the outside proctoring testing service; students who are not a Minnesota State student are changed $35 per testing visit. 

This fee must be paid in the Normandale business office and the receipt is presented to the proctor before the test is started. 

Once the test is completed, the proctor sends the test back to the instructor per the instructor’s directions.

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