3.14 Proctoring for Online

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Chapter 3: Educational Policies

3.14 Proctoring for Online Courses

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 5.11 Tuition and Fees
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 5.11.1 Tuition and Fees

Purpose:  To provide clear and consistent guidelines for Normandale faculty and students regarding proctoring for online course requirements.

Part 1: Guidelines for Faculty Members

Subpart A:  Faculty members who require proctored exams must identify the date and time of the proctored exam in the course description prior to a student’s registration.


Subpart B: Faculty members must make arrangements to have a room available to self-proctor exams before or at the start of the semester.


Subpart C: Faculty members must include the dates, times, and include a classroom number in the syllabus or in a Learning Management System (LMS) news item during the first week of class. 


Subpart D: Faculty members must include a date range, to include weekend days, in which a student may schedule an alternate time for a proctored exam number in the syllabus or in a Learning Management System (LMS) news item during the first week of class. 

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Part 2: Testing Centers and Proctors

Subpart A:  Testing Centers. Certified Proctored Testing Centers are approved sites as are Minnesota State College (Testing Centers) or University Testing Centers (University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) or other accredited university testing center site provide options for test proctoring.

Test center member of the National College Testing Association.  Search for an NCTA test center online


Subpart B:  Proctors. Proctors outside of testing centers may be used at the discretion of the faculty.   The student is responsible for identifying the proctor, arranging a time for the test, and confirming the time with the faculty member.  A Normandale Community College faculty member reserves the right to reject any proctor. A proctor must have a business address and email.  The email address preferred will include an .edu email.

No relative, work supervisor, or roommate—regardless of academic qualification—may proctor an examination.  A proctor should not be a classroom teacher but rather a high school superintendent, principal or counselor.  Military students may have a commissioned officer of a higher rank than the student or a non-commissioned officer E7 rank or above. Students must provide the proctor’s rank, title and unit.


Subpart C: Students are responsible for any fees associated with proctoring, outside the MNSCU system, and will be required to pay these fees at the time of testing.


Subpart D: Students living and or working outside the country are responsible for locating an appropriate proctor and exam site within that country.  They must provide this information to the faculty member.

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  Policy History: New
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions:
Next Review Date:  2015-16
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