1.6 Calendar

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Chapter 1: Organization

1.6 Academic Calendar Principles

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 3.34 Academic Semester Start Dates
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 3.34.1 Academic Semester Start Dates
Related MSCF Contract Policy: Article 10 Work Year and Work Week
Purpose:  To fulfill MnSCU Board policy and MSCF contract requirements with regard to the Normandale academic calendar.
Part 1:  Calendar Parameters
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Subpart A:  Fall and Spring Semester Calendar

  1. Faculty members receive salary payments for 171 days.  Faculty are expected to be on campus or available for meetings and other assignments on any of the 171 days.
  2. Ten paid duty days are included in the 171 total days. Five of the ten duty days are administratively-planned.  Faculty attendance and participation in duty day activities is required. 
  3. Five of the ten duty days are planned by individual faculty members.  Examples of duty day activities are attendance at professional conferences or meetings with colleagues.  Faculty-planned duty days may not occur on scheduled teaching days.
  4. Up to two administratively-planned duty days may be scheduled in the summer.
  5. 161 instructional days are divided between fall and spring semesters.
  6. Ten days, five in each semester, are designated as final examination days.  These are included in the 161 total instructional days.
  7. Beginning dates of fall and spring semesters are specified by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees and are communicated in Minnesota State Board Procedure 3.34.1.
  8. Faculty members who are absent from teaching, meetings or other assignments must submit a leave slip to their dean.  Leave is taken in increments of half days.
  9. Part-time or adjunct faculty members will attend duty days and participate in activities proportional to the percentage of their teaching assignment.  
  10. The determination of the actual number and configuration of the class, test, and administration assigned duty days in each semester shall be by agreement of the leadership of the administration and the faculty at each college. Such agreement shall be reached after two meetings or the calendar shall contain the same number and configuration of class, test and administration assigned duty days as the previous academic year.
  11. Before the calendar is finalized, the student leadership will have the opportunity to review and comment on the proposed calendar.

Subpart B: Summer Calendar

  1. Through the Shared Governance process, the college president or designee shall establish the calendar for summer session(s).
  2. No summer session or course shall exceed 39 days.
  3. There will be two five-week non-overlapping summer sessions.
  4. A seven-week summer session beginning on the first day of the first summer session will be available in addition to the five-week sessions.
  5. The summer session dates and sessions will be chosen in order to accommodate students.
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Part 2:  Alternate and Flexible Calendars
  Subpart A:  Alternate calendars are available for instructors on special assignment, librarians, and/or counselors.
  Subpart B:  Flexible calendar options are available to faculty as described in the MSCF contract.
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  Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions:
Next Review Date:  2016-17
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