1.3.1 Committees

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Chapter 1: Organization

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 1A.2 Board of Trustees
Related Minnesota State Board Procedure: 3.30.1 Community and Technical College Advisory Committees
Purpose:  The purpose of this procedure is to establish routine methods for maintaining committee information and timelines for committee appointments.
Part 1:  Committee Information
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Subpart A: Maintenance of Committee Information
The Office of the President maintains a master list of committees, the charge document for each committee, and the current membership of committees.


Subpart B: Publication of Committee Information
The Office of the President publishes the basic committee documents listed above on the Employee Portal.
Committees are responsible for publishing other committee documents such as agendas, minutes and supporting documents.

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Part 2: Committee Appointments 

Subpart A: The College President requests faculty committee appointments from the MSCF President on or before March 15 for the following academic year.


Subpart B: The MSCF President issues a call for interest in committee service, reviews appointments with other elected faculty leaders, and then provides faculty committee appointments to the College President by May 1.


Subpart C: The College President appoints non-faculty members to committees by May 1 for the following academic year. 


Subpart D: If vacancies occur during the academic year, they will be filled as they occur, unless otherwise indicated in the committee charge.


Subpart E: Appointments to task forces, work groups, and project teams made as these entities are created by the appropriate administrator.

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  Procedure History:
Date of Adoption:  3/10/2011
Department / Owner: Business Office
Next Review Date:  12/06/2022
Date and Subject of Revisions: 
10/29/18, MnSCU changed to Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and formatting changes.
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