1.1 Mission

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Chapter 1: Organization

Related Minnesota State Board Policy: 1A.1 Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Organization and Administration

Purpose:  To describe the mission, vision, and values of Normandale Community College.
Note: This policy is under review and will be updated to reflect our current Mission, Vision and Values by the end of 2022
Part 1:  Name of Organization
  Normadale Community College, a member of the Minnesota State system.
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Part 2:  Mission and Vision Statements
  Subpart A:  Mission.  Normandale Community College advances individuals' intellectual, career, and personal development by providing outstanding teaching and support.
  Subpart B:  Vision.  Normandale Community College will be a recognized leader in academic excellence, student support, and community and workforce development.
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Subpart C:  Values.  Normandale Community College is committed to accomplishing our mission and outcomes in ways consistent with the following values:

  1. Learning. We promote the learning and development of all members of the Normandale community.
  2. Service. We focus on meeting the needs of our students and community.
  3. Integrity. We hold ourselves accountable to the communities we serve and seek to model personal and intellectual integrity in all we do.
  4. Excellence. We set and model high standards for students and our faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners.
  5. Stewardship. We use our natural, financial, and human resources effectively and respectfully.
  6. Collaboration. We bring together the skills and knowledge from our students, faculty, staff, administrators, and community partners.
  7. Inclusiveness. We create a safe, inclusive, and diverse college community which values each individual.
  8. Innovation. We regularly exceed people's expectations through creative programs and services.
  9. Data-enhanced decision making. We use data and our collective expertise to inform our decisions.
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Subpart D:  Outcomes.  To accomplish our mission we will:

  1. Prepare students to transfer successfully to four-year and other educational institutions.
  2. Prepare individuals to perform successfully in the workforce.
  3. Support individuals in developing and meeting their educational goals.
  4. Ensure students achieve the College's liberal education and student development outcomes.
  5. Support all types of learners in their pursuit of life-long career and personal development goals.
  6. Prepare students for college-level coursework.
  7.  Prepare individuals to participate in diverse local and global communities.
  8.  Identify and meet workforce training needs. 

  Policy History:
Date of Adoption:  Established prior to 2011
Date of Implementation:
Date and Subject of Revisions:
Next Review Date:  2015-16
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