Program Reports

Program Reports

In an effort to provide program outcome, labor market and career information made available to prospective and current students, we provide data on each financial aid eligible certificate program. This information, including program length, program cost, median loan debt, licensure requirements, warning language and links to the US Department of Education's College Scorecard, was previously required by Gainful Employment regulations. Minnesota State has decided to early implement the recisiion of the gainful employment regulations system-wide as of September 27, 2019.

Data Privacy/Suppression

If the number of students who completed a program during the award year was less than ten, for privacy reasons, the college or university will not disclose to the public the median debt amounts and the on-time completion rates.  Because placement rate information is reported based on system standards and methodology, total employment and related employment rates are not disclosed if the number of students employed is less than six.

Normandale Community College Financial Aid Eligible Certificate Programs

For more information about Certificate Programs at Normandale, please visit the Programs of Study section of the Catalog.